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Door Lever Lock OUYUI Child Proof Door Handle Lock No Drill No Screw with 3M Adhesive Tape Baby Safety (2 Pack)

Newest Door Lever Lock Child proof – Upgraded version by OUYUI.

We noticed a lot of complaints about other door lock, Such as: 
* Parents have been locked out by their children. 
* Can’t effectively prevent children opening the door or Difficult to install. 

Therefor, we made this design specifically for you.

This door handle lock was designed to fit most handles with a really simple installation, your doors can be childproof in seconds just peel & stick, It has strong 3M adhesive this way no child can remove it. 

* Generally, fits for kids between 1-3 years old. 
* Suit for most surface: wood, tiles, glass, ect. 
* Note: Please keep the surface flat and dry.

The only way to lock and unlock the lever lock is by pressing the buttons! Don’t worry about the child opening it. 

The Handle Lock can be adjustable with 180 Degree,so no more worry about install with wrong direction.

When your child grows up and you no longer need these on your doors just remove the lock, it’s easy for an adult but hard for a child. 

If there is any leftover adhesive just use alcohol or any product that removes adhesive, it ’s simple and easy!

Package includes:
2 * Door Lever Lock
1 * User Manual

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Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids, OUYUI 4PCS Door Knob Covers Baby Proofing Doorknob Handle Cover Childproof (Gift: 4 Outlet Plug Covers) (4 Pack)

We care about the safety of your children forever. Our goal is to make each child play safely at home even it is not in the sight of parents, and parents can do something else without worrying about the safety of their children. 

Function and Features

❤A simple and convenient toddler door knob safety cover can prevent your children from entering dangerous rooms such as a kitchen, bathroom or tool room or locking themselves in such rooms.
❤The child proof door knob cover is compatible with standard spherical doorknobs.
❤The door knob lock for kids is simple designed to bend in with your home decor.
❤Easy for adults to use and hard for children.
❤Easy to assemble and clean.


1. Apart door knob cover into two parts
2. Assemble the two parts around door knob.
3. With your thumb and index finger, make sure all snaps are secure.
4. To open the door, grasp the door knob through the holes and turn the knob.
5. To remove, use your two thumbs to split the snaps open.
Removal: We have designed special clips to prevent children from removing the cover easily. Therefore, some skill is required to remove it.

Door Knob Covers * 4
Outlet Plug Covers * 4(Free Gift)

Cabinet Locks Child Safety, OUYUI 4 PCS Baby Proofing Drawer Lock Latch for Kitchen Storage Doors,Cabinets, Drawer, Closet, Cupboard, Oven, Refrigerator

Parents’ most concerned issues– Child Safety

Little baby is always full of curiosity, but they are innocent about what they are doing, which will bring dangerous to them. 

Our Child Safety Cabinet Locks can provide great protection for you and kids, Stylish design can even be used as a decoration. This is definitely the best child safety cabinet lock for you to choose! 

Product Design–Upgraded 

This child safety lock is designed without the use of straps, but the overall ABS material, which is more sturdy. Especially suitable for use in drawers, double door cabinets, double door refrigerators, Drawer, Closet, Cupboard, Oven.

Safer Button Design

we designed the fake buttons on both sides and actually button to opened the cabinet on the top which is hard to find and open for kids, but for adult is easy.

Easy to Install and Remove 

Two simple steps enough to make safe your environment in minutes. Peel off the stickers, fix the latches in the pre-cleaned surface. No drill, tools, screw, and special skills required. It also can be removed easily causing no damage, mar or remaining any marks on your furniture. Just use a hairdryer, dental floss or credit card to remove the child safety cabinet locks off.
The 90 degree right-angle installation is not suitable for uneven or too thick surfaces.


1. Make sure the surface of sticking position is clean and dry before installing. 
2. Stick and hold for a few seconds when you install the cabinet locks. 
3. If you want to tear off latches, heat them with a blow dryer for about one minute, they will come off easily.

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